Mellon v. International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery

U.S. District Court, D. Wyoming, No. 1:13-CV-00118-SWS, July 25, 2014: No negligent misrepresentation in Amelia Earhart search fundraising.

This decision is of some relevance as a discussion of the claim of Mellon, the plaintiff/donor, that The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (“TIGHAR”), the defendant, engaged in negligent misrepresentation in fundraising. The court found that TIGHAR did [...]

Wyoming Settlement Averts Termination of Conservation Easement

The Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog in a February 25, 2010, post headed, “Wyoming Attorney General Prevents the Wrongful Termination of a Perpetual Conservation Easement,” reported, “After over six years of litigation, a case involving a Wyoming county’s attempted termination of a perpetual conservation easement has settled, with the conservation easement remaining in full force [...]

Cheyenne Newspapers Inc. v. Building Code Board of Appeals

The Law of the Land blog has a summary of this case (2010 WL 47357 (WY. 1/8/2010)), which involved the City of Cheyenne’s Historic Preservation Board denial of permits to demolish six houses in an historic district. The decision rules on how the facts of the case apply to the the Wyoming Public Meetings Act.

The [...]