Covered Bridge Farms II, LLC v. Maryland

Md Court of Special Appeals, No. 1920, September Term, 2011, March 22, 2013: Agricultural Preservation Easement granted on separate adjoining lots in one ownership can’t be subdivided.

A predecessor in ownership of appellant Covered Bridge Farm II, LLC (CBF II) sold an agricultural preservation easement to the State of Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF) on three [...]

In re Estate of Raymond Doran (James Doran, Appellant)

Supreme Court of Vermont, No. 07-483, filed February 26, 2010

Not strictly a conservation easement decision, this opinion is worth reading as a cautionary soap opera tale of the attempted flouting of an intestate decedent’s evident wish to preserve family lands. While the decision upholds a trial court’s ruling that prevented one course of development of the [...]