Bronowiski Mulligan Irrevocable Trust v Bridges

RI Supreme Court, No. 2011-20-Appeal, (PC 06-4651), April 10, 2012: Landlord should be awarded cost of repair for tenant’s damage to wallpaper of restored historic house, plus attorney’s fees, based on unambiguous wording of lease.

The plaintiff landlord alleged that the defendant tenant breached his lease agreement by painting over expensive historical wallpaper inside the landlord’s restored [...]

Berman v City of Newport

Rhode Island Supreme Court, No. 2008-74, April 20, 2010

This case adjudicated the liabilities of Newport (easement holder) and the landowner/easement grantor (Preservation Society of Newport) for injury suffered by a member of the public while using the Cliff Walk easement. The court held that because the city had actual notice of dangerous instabilities in the ground [...]

Champlin’s Realty Associates v. Michael Tikoian et al.

The Conservation Law Foundation reports, “RI Supreme Court Decision Overturns Ruling that Would Have Allowed Champlin’s Marina Expansion”. CLF says, “the Superior Court issued a 91-page decision in which it ruled that there had, indeed, been improper procedures in the CRMC [Coastal Resources Management Council]. At that point, the Superior Court should have sent the case [...]