City of Sidney v. Spring Creek Corporation

Court of Appeals of Ohio, Third District, Shelby County, No. 17-17-07, December 4, 2017: Easement not a valid Ohio conservation easement.

The City of Sidney (“Sidney”) began an eminent domain action against Washington Township (“the Township”) and Spring Creek Corporation (“Spring Creek”) for land owned by Spring Creek that sit above part of a large aquifer which [...]

City of Columbus v Bahgat

Ohio Court of Appeals, 10th Appellate Dist, 2011 Ohio 3315, June 30, 2011: Requirement that replacement windows in historic district “match the original windows, like-for-like” would not confuse a person of ordinary intelligence and therefore is not unconstitutionally vague, does not constitute an unconstitutional exercise of the City’s police powers.

Defendant Bahgat replaced divided light wood frame [...]

Ohio Turnpike Commission v Spellman Outdoor Advertising Services

Ohio Sixth Appellate District Court of Appeals No. E-09-038, April 16, 2010

Holds that land deriving title from grantor of restrictive covenant to a state agency is not subject to the covenant because the deeds subsequent to the recording of the covenant did not mention the covenant and the owner had no actual knowledge of it. The [...]