Friends of Bethany Place, Inc. v. Topeka

Kansas Supreme Court, No. 100,997, August 23, 2013: Under Kansas Historic Preservation Act governing body decides whether (1) there are no feasible and prudent alternatives to the project and (2) the project program includes all possible planning to minimize harm to the historic property.

“The Topeka City Council granted Grace Episcopal Cathedral and The Episcopal Diocese of [...]

Hartman v City Of Mission

Court of Appeals of Kansas, no. 101,804, June 11, 2010: The appellant lacked standing under Kansas law to challenge the city’s refusal to hold a referendum for two citizens-proposed ordinances about the establishment of a historic district, and to challenge the city council’s exclusion of one of its members from an executive session held to discuss [...]

USDA: $175M in Funding for Wetlands Reserve Program

USDA announced May 14, 2010, that $175 million in funding is available for the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Wetlands Reserve Program. USDA says that funding will add 75,000 additional acres to the approximately 2.2 million acres currently enrolled in the program. The funding will go to wetland conservation projects in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, [...]

Friends Of The Bethany Place, Inc. v. City Of Topeka and Grace Cathedral And The Episcopal Diocese Of Kansas, Inc.

Court Of Appeals Of Kansas, Docket No. 100,997, January 22, 2010

After a lower court overruled the Topeka City Council’s grant of a permit for a parking lot on land listed on the Register of Historic Kansas Places despite the SHPO’s opposition, this appeals court decision reinstated the permit. The appeals court weighed the original hearing record [...]