Cohan v Commissioner of Internal Revenue

US Tax Court, T.C. Memo. 2012-8, Jan. 10, 2012: A charitable organization’s contribution acknowledgment letter that omitted items of value the taxpayer received in consideration was not a valid acknowledgment letter, the taxpayer did not act reasonably in relying on the letter, and therefore the taxpayer could not take a deduction for the contribution.

A taxpayer-donor claiming [...]

Long Green Valley Ass’n v Bellevale Farms, Inc. Revised

Maryland Court of Special Appeals, No. 0228, February 14, 2012: Revised decision holds the purchased non-perpetual agricultural preservation easement at issue does not create charitable trust in Maryland, but abutter has rebuttable presumption that it has standing to bring mandamus action regarding enforcement of the easement by a state entity.

The decision issued February 14, 2012, revises [...]

Rolfs v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue II

US Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit, No. 11-2078, February 8, 2012: Upholds the Tax Court decision that value of house donated to fire department on condition it be destroyed did not exceed the fair market value of the benefit the taxpayer received in return by house’s destruction.

The opinion upholds the decision of the Tax Court in [...]


US Tax Court, 2012 TC Memo 35, February 6, 2012: Determines fair market value of conservation easement by analyzing highest and best use and comparable sales, rejecting taxpayers’ claim that highest and best use was other than the properties’ present use.

At issue was the value of property before donation of conservation easements donated as qualified conservation [...]

City of Jersey City v. Consolidated Rail Corporation

U.S. Court of Appeals, Dist. of Columbia Circuit, No. 10-7135 February 3, 2012: Holds that City has standing in federal court to challenge Conrail sale of historic structure formerly used for rail purposes.

Conrail sold a six-block, half-mile long stone structure it owns “in the heart of Jersey City’s historic downtown” (Harsimus Embankment) to developers. The State [...]


Colo. Court of Appeals, Div. A, No. 11CA2634, February 2, 2012: Grants request for interlocutory appeal of four issues of law of first impression in Colorado regarding tax treatment of purchase of conservation easement tax credits. A later opinion will address the merits.

In the case at trial, the plaintiffs collectively donated fourteen conservation easements over two [...]