Willowdale v. Board Of Assessors Of Topsfield

Appeals Court of Massachusetts, No. 10-P-605, February 16, 2011: Upholds the denial of a property tax exemption for a historic mansion and 6 surrounding acres, part of a state park leased under the state’s historic curatorship program to a private entity to operate a bed and breakfast and for other specified for-profit purposes. The private lessee [...]

In re Jurgielewicz Duck Farm

United States Bankruptcy Court, E. D. NY, No: 8-10-70231-478, May 20, 2010: Held a Debtor in a c. 11 bankruptcy proceeding may not sell its real property free and clear of a Development Rights restriction for agricultural preservation held by a county and town. The Debtor’s debtor-in-possession lender sought to have the property sold free and [...]