Oregon Transfer of Development Rights Pilot Program Rules

Oregon’s Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) adopted rules in January 2010 to implement the Oregon Transfer of Development Rights Pilot Program. A description of this initiative is available online from DLCD at http://www.oregon.gov/LCD/tdr_pilot_program.shtml. According to DCLD, “Transfer of development rights (TDR) programs are a voluntary, incentive-based and market-driven approach to preserve land and direct development away from resource areas and into urban and urbanizable areas. Communities that develop TDR programs identify high-priority areas for protection as well as areas to which development may be directed…. In 2009, the Oregon Legislature authorized local governments to develop and adopt TDR programs when it passed Senate Bill 763.At the same time, the Legislature adopted House Bill 2228 which created the Oregon TDR Pilot Program…. The program is intended to test different TDR approaches that conserve private forest lands for timber production and for other forest uses.”

The new Oregon Administrative Rule, OAR 660, Division 28, is available at http://www.oregon.gov/LCD/docs/rulemaking/2009-11/660-028_adopted_rules.pdf. DLCD also offers an online summary of the new legislation and rule. Other online resources include an American Farmland Trust fact sheet (2001).

Thanks to Law of the Land blog for its post on this.

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