NJ Right to Farm Act Amended for Renewable Energy Facilities

Jan. 18, 2010
New Jersey amended its Right to Farm Act to allow for renewable energy facilities on preserved farmland. Chapter 213 of the Laws of 2009 encourages solar, wind and biomass facilities. According to an article on the website of Lowenstein Sandler PC, “The new law allows the owner of preserved farmland to construct and operate these renewable energy systems on either the preserved or unpreserved portion of the farmland under certain conditions. The conditions include: (1) no interference with the agricultural use of the land; (2) ownership of the system by the landowner; (3) provide energy directly to the farm or reduce energy costs to the farm through net metering; and (4) energy production limited to energy demand for previous calendar year plus 10 percent. Other approvals and conditions are contained in the new law.”

Thanks to Law of the Land blog for its posting, NJ Enacts Suite of Renewable Energy Laws.

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